6-Month Mentorship Program for Healing Your Life, Hacking Systemic Barriers & Designing a Life & Business/Career That You Love!


If You're ....

  • Tired of feeling like you're just dragging yourself through life without a direction and purpose

  • Frustrated and sick of watching other women get what they want but you seem to have to struggle or work twice as hard for everything

  • A big dreamer and know you're meant for more but can't seem to get yourself into action to make those dreams happen

  • Tendency is to procrastinate and self-sabotage even though you know better

  • Wishing things could be different but you're not sure how to make the changes you desire

  • Ready to make a career shift or start a business that nourishes your soul

Then, my darling, you have landed in the right place because RECLAIM YOUR DREAMS ACADEMY is just right for you. 

In this 6-Month Mentorship Program with me, you will get everything you need to start living life on your terms, including:

    • 12 Essential Training Modules & Workbooks 
    • 12 Recorded Course Videos
    • Live Video Coaching Sessions  
    • Resource Guide
    • Private Facebook Group 
    • Lifetime Membership Access to the Modules, Workbooks, & Academy Video Recordings


It's Time to Work With Me and Join this Academy, if: 

  • You love to learn, are interested in growing and self-development but have found yourself frustrated in self-development spaces that never address oppression, power, and privilege

  • You're craving to be in a space where you can speak freely about your experiences without feeling like you have to walk on egg-shells

  • You're interested in learning ways to create more self-love and authenticity in your life and career

  • You have dreams and goals that feel like they are much harder to achieve because of oppression and barriers and access to resources

  • You would like to incorporate daily habits and practices to deepen your spirituality and contribute to your success

  • You're ready to get bold and work to make your dreams happen

  • You have goals but you seem to keep hitting a wall on how to execute your goals

  • You're ready to take action on making changes in your life now

  • You would like to eliminate and reduce anxiety and states of feeling stuck or depressed in your life


And, I'm here to help you get exactly what you desire because my passion and mission is making sure ALL women, women just like you and me, also get the chance to live our best lives. 

Here's what my clients are saying about working with me:

"I would call her a miracle worker! I think it's important to say that Cynthia is really the guidance that creates an awareness for us. Attracting what we want is entirely in our capacity, but we are often so clouded by fear, and past conditioning that we overlook solutions, and do not take chances. Cynthia really removes those barriers, she creates ways to overcome the fear, anxiety, and old stories, and reinforces that we are here to receive everything we’ve dreamed of. "

Raquel Carrasquillo

While so many coaches, therapists, and self-development teachers address your beliefs and how those beliefs may be holding you back, few, if any, address the real systemic barriers that were intentionally built to keep you from advancing.

With more than 20 years of experience as a coach and therapist supporting and empowering women to reach their personal and professional goals, I created this mentorship program and course to help you address anything that you think is standing in the way of your dreams. Together, we’ll address all your personal barriers, as well as systemic barriers, head-on so that you can learn how to break through them, get past them, glide over them, and not let anything stop you from getting what you want out of life.


During our mentorship time and during this course, you will:


  • Get crystal clear on your purpose and vision

  • Discover and step into what it means to be truly authentic including identifying and honoring your cultural assets and strengths

  • Connect and create practices that support your spirituality and allow you to strengthen and expand your intuition

  • Learn tools and techniques for staying motivated and eliminating procrastination and self-sabotage

  • Identify barriers to your success and rid yourself of the Imposter Syndrome

  • Learn mindset tools & habits that contribute to and increase your productivity and outcomes for success

  • Develop greater confidence and get bold and unapologetic about yourself and your aspirations

  • Gain tools, skills, and practices that make it possible for you to achieve anything you set your mind to for the rest of your life

  • Discover and harness resources to build what you desire (without a trust fund)

  • Gain money mindset principles and create abundance that supports you and your community (and doesn't exploit)

  • Learn to hack oppressive systems and create your own systems for success that feel culturally relevant and supportive of who you are

  • Create the business you desire or make the career shift that you've been longing for now


If You're Ready to Start Living Life The Way You Deserve, It's Time to Act Now! No More Procrastinating and Watching Others Live the Good Life.


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